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Re: sm-msp-queue log spew after yesterday's sendmail upgrade

On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, Thomas E. Vaughan wrote:

> Logcheck is suddenly spewing a bunch of stuff at me.  I
> attach an example.  Mail seems to work well enough, though.
> Does anybody know about this?

Yeah, the sendmail maintainter has lost whats left of his mind ;(

Try -10 which might hit tonight.

Rick Nelson -- amazed at how apropos random taglines can be ;)
p.s. - i'm about *this* close to running around in the server room with a
pair of bolt cutters, and a large wooden mallet, laughing like a maniac and
cutting everything i can fit the bolt cutters around. and whacking that
which i cannot. so if i seem semi-incoherent, or just really *really* nasty
at times, please forgive me. stress is not a pretty thing. };P
        -- Phillip R. Jaenke

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