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Re: ccache for the autobuilders?

On Tue, 2002-04-02 at 11:17, Russell Coker wrote:

> So we firstly need to find a real slow arch which also supports 4 new large 
> IDE disks (remember that machines 3 years old tend not to have good support 
> for >32G drives).

That's primarily a BIOS problem, right? Does it matter for Linux?

> Then this same arch needs to be slow enough at CPU that it needs a compiler 
> cache, while being fast enough at doing disk IO and running the file system 
> to be able to offer a performance gain.

DMA-based IDE is pretty fast. Nowhere near a good as SCSI, but you can't
beat the price. 

> Then of course there's the issue of how many M68K machines you could buy for 
> $1K.  

I think you've forgotten that space to host them costs money, too.
Though you could get enough 68Ks to heat a large building for small sums
of money ;-)

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