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Re: ccache for the autobuilders?

On Mon, 2002-04-01 at 23:17, Ben Collins wrote:

> > Looking at my testing PPC box with grep-available, we have only about
> > 8GB total Installed-Size.
> glibc packages total installed size is only a few dozen megs. However,
> the source builds takes up about 600megs. XFree86, about 1.6gigs.

glibc's build requirements sound like about 20-30 times installed size,
then. Assuming this holds, and trusting the 8GB figure, gives

That's all of three 100GB IDE disks running in RAID 0. Four disks if for
some reason you want redundancy on your cache.

Surely no more than $1000, even if you buy from expensive vendors. At
least if it fits in the machine's case. You could do it for $500. Is it
worth it? Not sure. Maybe on real slow archs, like 68K.

Now, not sure if ccache can handle that. Packages.debian.org had never
heard of ccache :-(

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