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Re: Howto: Be volunteer developer for debian

"Adam Majer" <adamm@galacticasoftware.com> cum veritate scripsit:

> > Since I am using debian, I want to help developers with developing
> > debian.. I looked at the web page and it seems that I can't  become a
> > debian developer since I don't know any debian developers(advocate) I
> > looked at the packages which needs new maintainers. I couldn't
> > understand what exactly I should do. For example an ex maintainer says
> > do these and upload the new package with your name ... ? Where should I
> > upload ??
> > 
> > So is there anyone who could tell me what can I do and how can I do ?

A good thing to do to help Debian right now would be to check library

Most packages which are called "lib<packagename>0" have some kind
of broken shared library handling, or soname versioning,
in my heuristic checking (well, in my impression, about 50% of them are).

It's nice to get them caught before woody releases.

do "apt-cache pkgname lib | grep 0$"
and check each package for the following :

o  Do the soname match the library package name (well, if it doesn't, it
   might not be that critical)
o  Is the package upgradable from the last stable version (from 2.2) ?


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