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preventing update of a custom package

i've built custom packages for iproute and iptables to support the HTB
qdisc [1] and the IMQX target [2] respectively. these are to be used
on a productive system (after serious testing).

  1. http://luxik.cdi.cz/~devik/qos/htb/htbman.htm
  2. http://luxik.cdi.cz/~patrick/

i am aware of "holding" packages, but i'd like to somehow automate
this in the version numbering/package name. i've thought about
creating two new packages, iproute-htb and iptables-imqx, which both
replace the original via debian/control, but that's too much
administrative overhead.

so i've given them different version numbers

  20010824-7   --->     1:20010824-7.htb
  1.2.5-7      --->     1:1.2.5-7.imqx

(note the epochs)

i am not quite sure if epochs will do what i want in this case. if
i had iptables version 1.2.5-1.imqx installed, then there's the danger
that 1.2.5-2 or 1.2.6 will replace the custom package and thus remove
IMQX support. i'd like to guard against this. will epoch's do as
i plan?

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