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Re: preventing update of a custom package

commence  martin f krafft quotation:

> i am not quite sure if epochs will do what i want in this case. if i
> had iptables version 1.2.5-1.imqx installed, then there's the danger
> that 1.2.5-2 or 1.2.6 will replace the custom package and thus
> remove IMQX support. i'd like to guard against this. will epoch's do
> as i plan?

What I've been doing is giving my hacked versions of Debian packages
revisions of -x.0.y, where x is the original package's revision and y
is my local revision.  I use the 0 in between to avoid clashing with
possible NMUs.  To stop my packages being automatically upgraded, I
use /etc/apt/preferecnes, for example:

  Package: emacs21
  Pin: release v=21.1-7.0.2

It's been working well for me so far, although that doesn't mean it
isn't bogus and wrong.

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