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Re: Debian's problems, Debian's future

#include <hallo.h>
Joey Hess wrote on Wed Mar 27, 2002 um 02:21:49PM:
> > "fine-configured". Only essential things are configured to get the
> > package into the "configured" state. For all fine configuration, the
> > user can invoke a frontend (GUI/TUI with list selection, or CLI like
> > dpkg-reconfigure) and manage the rest.
> man debconf

No. The examples in the Tutorial are the only good explanaition about
how to use Priorities. Though, I will modify my suggestion:

 - I would like to see a method do distinguish between answered and
   supressed questions (default answers)
 - I would like to store data about answered/unanswered questions
 - I would like to have templates with substitution fields. BTW, why
   not use gettext for templates?

> That is a rather misleading summary of the situation, which as a
> subscriber to debian-boot, you should understand better. Have you done
> any testing of the proposed base-config patch?

Sure. Peter's patches are AFAIK not ready and I have a bad feeling about
his dbootstrap modifications. I have a testing installation image with
hacked base-config (my patches), but I was disappointed, since many
debconf templates in called packages templates in the first base-config
steps were not translated. It is too late to change them all, so I can
only keep calling it a pity and hope that people mastering customised CD
sets would contact me or Peter.

OTOH the language can be set while locales are configured, so the few
steps between initial reboot and locales configuration has to be

> Der Thread kann beginnen.
könntest du eventuell das "Dr." entfernen ? das macht so einen auf
rangfolge... und wir wissen ja, daß hier ist anarchie mit mir als
oberstem anarchen.                                      [Adrian Knoth]

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