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Re: Debian's problems, Debian's future

Eduard Bloch wrote:
> 3) Debconf's usage.
> The current debconf'isation and how it is often done, confuses more
> and more. Preinst and postinst scripts bomb you with thousands of
> questions before you even got a chance to have read the docs.
> We need an additional level for package's configuration state:
> "fine-configured". Only essential things are configured to get the
> package into the "configured" state. For all fine configuration, the
> user can invoke a frontend (GUI/TUI with list selection, or CLI like
> dpkg-reconfigure) and manage the rest.

man debconf

> 4) Localisation: We need to provide better localisation. I am very
> disappointed about base-config, which is not localised while
> boot-floppies have good localisation support.

That is a rather misleading summary of the situation, which as a
subscriber to debian-boot, you should understand better. Have you done
any testing of the proposed base-config patch?

see shy jo

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