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Re: Bug#139945: ITP: prokyon3 -- a multithreaded MP3 manager and tag editor for Linux.

On Thu, 2002-03-28 at 08:56, Richard Braakman wrote:

>   1.  The FSF is asking for _more_ credit than we give to other groups
>       that have provided major parts of our operating system.  I'm
>       thinking of MIT and BSD here, as well as the groups behind Perl
>       and Apache.  I'm forgetting lots of groups here, but that's
>       part of my point.

The reason that the FSF gives for this[1] is basically that while e.g.
MIT set out to develop a windowing system, and Apache set out to develop
a web server, only GNU was a project to develop an entire free operating

>   2.  The Debian OS is _not_ an instance of the GNU project.  It doesn't
>       qualify, because it contains references to non-free software.
>       (For the context of this argument, consider if "Debian GNU/Solaris"
>       would be an appropriate name for a Solaris port.)

That's irrelevant, because we (Debian) wouldn't accept Solaris as part
of Debian, since it's based on non-free software.  The same goes for
Win32.  Whether or not we would allow use of the Debian trademark is
another matter.  And, of course, I somehow doubt that Sun would be very
fond of people using "Solaris" in a product name either.

[1] http://www.gnu.org/gnu/linux-and-gnu.html

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