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Re: Bug#139945: ITP: prokyon3 -- a multithreaded MP3 manager and tag editor for Linux.

On Tue, Mar 26, 2002 at 09:43:29PM +0100, Michael Banck wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 26, 2002 at 05:13:57PM -0300, Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:
> > > > sure! burn all mp3! hey, I'm a *GNU*/Linux user *and* GNU/Hurd user...
> > [...]
> > 
> > > Please, read URL reference before post!
> > > 
> > > Quote from prokyon3.sf.net:
> > > features planned:
> > > * support for Ogg/Vorbis
> > > 
> > didn't you get that was a joke? 
> > 
> > /me considers adding 'X-Joke' to the next joke, as Branden did
> /me seriously considered it before sending that other post, but I was
> hoping that people would get the sarcasm. 

With a medium as mail it's difficult to distinguish between sarcasm
and somebody's real opinion, adding smiles might help (they are
invented because of this kind of things). The actual problem is that
there are a lot of people who really have such an opinion about GNU
(just look at slashdot for example).
> I really like the hurd and admire the old time Debian Developers working
> on it, but I think that pointing out stuff like this on -devel every
> time is just annoying people. In this case, Jereon apparently only
> annoyed me, but he might eventually annoy those blokes who will have to
> commit the changes to the Debian infrastructure in order for the hurd
> port to be released.

The Hurd port will probably release, with or without those
changes. But I want it to be *with* those changes because Debian
providing multiple kernels is just cool IMHO. The problem is that the
Hurd port exists since 1998 but the Debian infrastructure still hasn't
changed. Now the Hurd is improving faster and faster and we actually
want to release, but we need te changes in the infrastructure for that.

> I'm cool with Marcus' technical comments either pointing out the hurd's
> superiority or warning about linuxisms, but I read Jeroens' post as a
> superflous attempt to steamline the political correctness and formal
> expressions towards the hurd. In that case, a minor bugreport against
> the uploaded package would be more effective than posting to -devel.

Of course I can start filing massive bug reports, but I thought it
would be better to just post some messages to debian-devel first so
that everybody can check his packages. Anyway, I see your point and
will probably start doing things via private mail and/or bug
reports. I won't start before woody is released, I just wanted to
point this out for the ITP. 

It wasn't even Gustavo's fault, he just copied from the website. But
the fact is that it only depends on qt3, this would already run on the
BSDs and will run on the Hurd soon. I just want to point out that
Debian is more than only Linux. I know I've a long way to go (see the
website for example). It's not only towards the Hurd however, it's
also towards *BSD. In 1 or 2 years it might well be possible to the
users of Debian GNU/Linux are minority in Debian. (I like positive
thinking ;-)

> Jeroen, if your post was really out of purely technical interest, I
> apologize.

I don't see why you've to apologize, I can see the reasons why you
think I'm annoying. I'll just wanted to point out that the "for Linux"
is wrong, I cc'd debian-devel because this mistake is pretty
common. I won't annoy debian-devel about this next time. (But I keep
annoying the people making the mistakes and also expect "doesn't build
on Hurd" bugreports soon :-)

Jeroen Dekkers
Jabber supporter - http://www.jabber.org Jabber ID: jdekkers@jabber.org
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