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Re: Bug#140349: ITP: cvs-conf -- Manage your configuration files via CVS

also sprach Sebastien J. Gross <sjg@debian.org> [2002.03.28.1819 +0100]:
>  cvs-conf allows users to manage their configuration files using
>  CVS. On the server, a global configuration project is created and
>  each host is a part of the global configuration module. The
>  advantage of cvs-conf is its capaicity to restore all file
>  permissions (user, group and rwx).

i am not doubting this, but there's a reason why CVS disables the
permission storage mechanism by default: it works only sporadically
(read the source). are you aware of this? does cvs-conf make use of
it? or does it provide its own means to restore permissions and owner

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