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Re: Debian's problems, Debian's future

#include <hallo.h>
Erich Schubert wrote on Thu Mar 28, 2002 um 03:53:46AM:
> > I'm not sure it will increase the speed really much, it would at least
> > make the Packages files a lot smaller.
> The problem is: will it help saving unnecessary download of files?
> That way, apt-get update would have to load hundrets of files...

The proposed file with Diffs is not bad. I just made some tests with
Packages files, the changes are minimalistic, compared to the whole
size. And it would require max. 3 times of FTP space as now. (old
Packages (reference), new Packages, compressed diff file with max. size
of new Packages).

> That's why i suggested using flavours. Our System is ready for flavours.
> We have the package pool ;)

This IMHO would work good combined with using using major and minor
keywords/tags, that can optionaly cover the same package (series).

> People running Debian on a desktop then wouldn't need to load infos
> about Roxen Challenger for example.

Unfortunately, we may run into problems with a such system, since many
packages declare lots of cross-dependenices between packages of
different purposes. But if someone cares about flavors, trying to get
best possible combination, why not...

> The documentation probably is not yet extracted during "configuration"
> phase... is it?

Most packages provide a long-long info screen if they run in the preinst

> > I don't know how far Marcus is with his console server for the Hurd, I
> > think mouse support doesn't exist, but when we add it it will probably
> > a bit better. :)

Haha, a) it won't help Linux much and b) they would have to fight with
the same problems with bad mice. 

> I have very high expectations of the Hurd...
> Is speed improved by now? Last i heard, the hurd was still having speed
> problems due to the many process and context switches. :-(

I am still not convinced of this micro kernel developments...

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