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Re: ITP: mencal -- A menstruation calendar

After coming back froma short week-end trip, I am shocked that this tiny
little script caused so much fuzz.

IMNSHO, this is useful to both male and female Debian users, as some
people have stated in their posts. Of course it's not as useful as
bash, vim or emacs, but it's been in the archive for just a few days and
already has 3 bug reports. That means a significant ratio of users out
there tested it.

IMNSHO, bloat means poorly mantained or abandoned packages, and I intend
to do my best in my duties as a mantainer.

Ben Armstrong dijo:
> My wife just tried mencal, and she is quite pleased that you are packaging
> this.

Upstream wrote it for his girlfriend and I was very touched by that :-)
Eric mentioned that this behaviour could be merged into standard Unix
cal, but no no ever cared about doing so. I also like the Unix stile of
small apps for small purposes, working together.

I had been looking for that kind of utility for a long time. Both for my
PDA and for my Debian box. I was pleased to find this, and wanted it to
be in Debian, to save other users the hassle. 

> We do have one problem to report, and I hope either you can resolve
> this, or it can be forwarded upstream and fixed soon.  After setting
> the starting day with -s and saving the configuration with -R, mencal
> no longer responds to any switches (not even the help switch).  It is
> possible, by specifying the -f switch to get mencal to skip the saved
> configuration file, and it will obey switches again. The .mencalrc
> file is of limited use until this can be fixed.  For instance, its
> presence prevents you from viewing a month that is not the current
> month.

I'll forward it upstream and take a look at this as soon I have access
to my home machine. Reading this thread and answering this email with
ssh was painful enough :-)

I wellcome any suggestions or improvements, and the input of other women
like your wife, or other men, like #139795 is very much appreciated.

Thank you for your possitive imput. To all those who don't find mencal
useful, please, just don't install it. 

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