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Re: Debian's problems, Debian's future

Previously Eduard Bloch wrote:
> 2) dpkg's internal structure
> I am not very familiar with dpkg's internals, but my impression says,
> that it needs memory and number of disk access times with O^2 or more.
> shlib's, list files, thousands of postinst files with same and same
> function could be replaced with an good database - saving space
> and increasing speed. <disclaimer>Yes, I propose to change important
> things. Yes, this is best done with a newer package format. No, I do not
> want to port RPM.</disclaimer>

I completely fail to see how a package format is related to how we
happen to store metadata.

> The current debconf'isation and how it is often done, confuses more
> and more. Preinst and postinst scripts bomb you with thousands of
> questions before you even got a chance to have read the docs.
> We need an additional level for package's configuration state:
> "fine-configured".

Oh my, would this be exactly the same as the priority you have for
debconf questions?


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