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Re: ITP: mencal -- A menstruation calendar

> > Ok, tell me an application of such a celendar? And an advantage over
> > a regular calendar? I only know of a few instanceses and those would
> > account for <0.5% of the population at any given time.
> Quick.  You have twenty seconds, and access only to an ordinary wall
> calendar.
> Suppose your period will begin next Thursday.  Tell me whether August
> 23rd will be a bad day to do activities you avoid during your period.

#include <usual_male_disclaimer>

Frankly, if you only have /twenty seconds/ to make a decision regarding
activities five months in the future, I suspect that you have bigger
problems than whether or not such a day will "be a bad one" -- such as
horrible stress due to never having enough time to plan your activities.

Nevertheless, I feel Ben Armstrong has provided excellent reasons for
including this package.


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