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Re: ITP: mencal -- A menstruation calendar

Phil Edwards dijo:
> Frankly, if you only have /twenty seconds/ to make a decision regarding
> activities five months in the future, I suspect that you have bigger
> problems 

100% Right. But finding out in /twenty seconds/ is a great help in those
cases too :-)

> than whether or not such a day will "be a bad one"

Who said those days are that bad? :-)

<random thoughts not necesarily addressed to you>
You sometimes just need to know when to carry around the needed extra
stuff in your already bloated purse (PDA, cellular, wallet,
$digital_imaging_device) around. You sometimes just need to track down
if you are being regular, or your doctor asked, or when to try to get
pregnant... or whatever.  A friend of mine has terribly painful periods
and needs to start taking her painkillers a couple of days in advance.
She's a Debian user. She'll take profit of this. 
It's just a fact of life that can and should be properly measured and
It's also a fact that there are more females using Linux everyday. It
would be nice if Debian was ready to address their specific needs as
It would also be nice that the coupled guys got involved in your
significant other's menstrual cicles and used mencal as reference :-)
</random toughts>

> -- such as horrible stress due to never having enough time to plan
> your activities.

I guess the horrible stress you describe is "arch" independant. I never
tough of sex as an arch, but now that I think of, it it's kind of cool

> Nevertheless, I feel Ben Armstrong has provided excellent reasons for
> including this package.


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