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Re: Updated cyrus-sasl2 packages... (and ITH)

Hi Michael,

You wrote:

> I have not, for the record, heard a peep from Dima Barsky---if another
> upstream release comes out and I have not heard from him by that time,
> I intend to hijack the packages.

Sorry  for that, I've been pretty busy lately. Your debian/rules
looks fine, I'm going to use it for the next upload. Just one small
change: it should be --disable-gssapi, rather than --without-gssapi.
The latter option is ignored by the configure script. I noticed this
only because I happened to have heimdal-dev package installed (it
includes gssapi.h). The configure script found that header file and
turned GSSAPI  support on.

I'm going to upload the official 2.1.2 version tonight.


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