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Updated cyrus-sasl2 packages... (and ITH)

I have cyrus-sasl-2.1.2 packages available on:


Please note that this is a different URL (found myself uploading a
couple of other things, so I moved this down a directory).

The only feedback I've gotten on the packages has been positive.
Well, make that mostly positive.  Well, make that virtually no
feedback. :-)

I have not, for the record, heard a peep from Dima Barsky---if another
upstream release comes out and I have not heard from him by that time,
I intend to hijack the packages.

I would also appreciate hearing from people who are using them,
whether successfully or no---and as usual, since these aren't official
packages, please don't clog up the BTS with issues, send them directly
to me for the moment.


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