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Re: ITP: arp-fun -- ARP Spoofing utility

On Fri, 2002-03-22 at 15:24, Amaya wrote:
> Robert van der Meulen dijo:
> > What does this package do, that dsniff's 'arpspoof' doesn't ?
> I know, but I'd like to have it in Debian for the users to be able to
> choose the one the see fit, as we do in editors, window-managers...
> I think you know what I mean :-)

Yes, but then it becomes another kilobyte everyone has to download in
the Packages file, another second that apt might spend building the
dependency graph, another minute the (already very busy) ftp-masters
will have to spend looking adding an override, and if it eventually
becomes unmaintained, then it's another thing the (very busy) QA team
will have to deal with, and it's another bug that must be filed against
ftp.d.o to eventually have it removed...

I mean, I can (sort of) understand having 39[1] window managers, since
some of them use a variant of Lisp for configuration, some use the C
preprocessor for configuration[1], some are more memory-efficient, some
are specialized for certain tasks, some depend on GTK+, etc.

But two tty applications which just construct arp packets?  

I know that uploading a package to Debian is a good way to promote it
and make it easily available to a huge audience.  Perhaps arp-fun might
at some point provide more features[3] or something than dsniff; but one
should just remember that uploading a package is not without cost.

[1] walters@space-ghost> grep-available -FProvides -sPackage x-window-manager | wc
     39      78     636
[2] Last I checked, enlightement did things this way, believe it or not.
[3] Although in the case of such a small program, I don't know what more
features would be...

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