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Re: debian/rules, automake

> [...]
> http://bugs.debian.org/97811
> |   * #97811: Example rules file should use DESTDIR= instead of prefix=
> |   Package: dh-make; Severity: wishlist; Reported by: Matt Zimmerman
> |    <mdz@debian.org>; Tags: wontfix; 308 days old.
>             cu andreas


Sorry, didn't check the bug reports. Doh. The BTS was down some time a
short while ago, iirc? Yup, my "evidence" at the bottom. ;) I'm sure
it's working again now though.

/me goes off to check out #97811


Processing commands for request@bugs.debian.org:

> index packages xscreensaver
Error getting Bug list for package xscreensaver sent.

 (code 65280 ):

Looking up bugs.debian.org
Making HTTP connection to bugs.debian.org
Alert!: Unable to connect to remote host.

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