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some NEW packages, please use "pending"

> > BTW, processing of "NEW" packages in main is disabled, too. For how long, I
> > have no idea.
> hmm... today one of my NEW packages was ACCEPTED, it seems (devhelp-books)...
> maybe it was one of the last packages accepted begore the closure?

I got a NEW installed in non-free today, too, that had been sitting in
incoming for a few months...
So either NEW is enabled again, or it wasn't actually disabled for
main/nonfree, just for non-US.

BTW: Please use "tag <bug> + pending" for signalling fixed bugs.
So if someone is doing his personal bug day he can check which bugs are
already in nonus-incoming ;)
In #debian-devel there was "exim-tls" on the RC-Packages list, but when
i checked incoming i saw an update waiting there closing the 5
non-wishlist bugs the package was having, including the RC one...
I tagged them "pending" then...

So if you are doing an upload to nonus / have done one that is not yet
installed, it's maybe a good idea to tag these bugs "pending"?
Well, the description of "pending" means that the bug is "actively
worked on", which isn't quite correct, but it's the best approximation
of "fixed really soon, don't waste your time trying to fix this, too" ;)


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