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Re: Non-US uploads are stopped for a little while

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Brian May wrote:
> Was the annouced anywhere? If so, sorry, I missed it. I regularly
> check debian-devel-annouce, and didn't see anything on this.

No. I even /topic'ed it in OPN, but someone decided it was not something
worth keeping there and deleted it.

I Bcc'ed this message to d-d-announce, but it was rejected. That list is
supposed to accept and relay GPG-signed messages of anyone in the Debian
keyring, so I have no idea of who, or what broke it.

> I complained to a number of people that my uploads weren't getting
> accepted (actually both with main and non-us), and noone seemed to have
> any idea why (at least no-one who was willing to share this with me).

Some IRC people knew. Since the topic was erased, lots of them didn't. And
I wouldn't have known about it either, if not for the fact that the crypto
working group did get (sort of) notified.  Communication between the
hundreds of heads has never been a strong point of Debian. 

> I have a number of potentially serious (but easy to fix bugs) in
> Heimdal, I guess it is pointless doing any more work until the upload
> situation is rectified...

Nah, do it anyway, upload them, and post to -devel the location of the files
if there is a need. This way, your packages will go in faster when non-us
comes back.

BTW, processing of "NEW" packages in main is disabled, too. For how long, I
have no idea.

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