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Re: Debconf broken

On Tue, 12 Mar 2002, Joey Hess wrote:

> Well, you have something broken in your setup, or you have a really slow
> network connection.
100Mbit is not really slow ;-)

> After it prints the above message debconf tries to
> bring up the gui interface, and if something causes it to block it will
> well, block there.
It's just brocken after su - ing inside a working ssh connection for a
user.  I admit that it is broken and have no idea how to fix this, but
this is OT in this thread.  On the other hand installation stops even if
no display would be necessary at all.  (For instance I just tried to
purge apt-listchanges in the first run because I suspected some trouble
there and there was no need to display any Gnome frontend in this step.
But it failed in the postinst while accessing debconf.)

> > By the way the Gnome frontend seems to be a little bit broken. A
> >      dpkg-reconfigure debconf
> > does not present a list of available frontends.  It only has a single
> > entry "Gnome" and I was not able to switch back to use this.
> I cannot reproduce this. It's a drop down combo box.
What information do you need?
I have neither a drop down box for the question:

   What interface should be used for configuring packages?  |Gnome   |


   Ignore questions with a priority less than..             |medium  |

Both are read-only boxes.  There is no drop down list to open nor the
posibility to edit.

> >   1. The Gnome frontend might be unusable via ssh connections.
> >      I use the careful 'might be' because I can not exclude a
> >      missconfiguration on my side.  In fact I can start any X program
> >      as normal user inside the ssh connection, but if I su to root
> >      this does not work for any X application.
> I suggest you read up on X authentication. However, this should not
> cause any X client to hang.
As I told you it hangs even if there is no client to start (at least not
obviousely for the user).  Moreover debconf should handle this problem
using an error message (at least) or an fall back (preferably).

> > Joey, should I bother the BTS with this stuff to keep a record of this
> > problem?
> Not without far more details than you are currently providing.
I'd be glad to provide more details but I would like any hints what
details would help here.  I have no idea how to describe the problem
more detailed.  Which files should I ship, which debug options should
I set?

Kind regards


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