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Re: [RFC] Debian skin for AIX

On Sat, 9 Mar 2002, tony mancill wrote:

> On Sat, 9 Mar 2002, Colin Watson wrote:
> > Are you sure about that? AIX's perl package won't be configured with the
> > same include path as Debian's, so our perl-based packages are unlikely
> > to work with it.
> I don't think that counting on AIX's perl package is wise.  If you want
> Debian to run with any consistency on AIX boxen, install a dedicated,
> Debianized Perl.  I work in an environment with a slew of mixed Unices,
> predominately AIX - dpkg aside, we gave up on using AIX's Perl altogether
> and went with a consistent version of Perl installed in /usr/local/bin/.
> Even AIX does this (the PSSP packages have their own Perl separate from
> the "main" perl.bff).  In other words, how do you make sure that a Perl
> patch from IBM won't lay your dpkg installation to waste?
> But the real burning question I see is, where to do you put the Debian
> version of Perl and its modules?  /usr/local/bin/ is a policy violation
> (and would cause no end of grief for those who already have their
> infrastructure installed there), but /usr/bin/ is Evil for other reasons.
> Perhaps there should be a /usr/debian/ directory with it's own ./lib/,
> ./bin/, etc. for OSes where you have co-existant packaging system.  I know
> it's ugly, but you need a way to maintain orthogonality between the
> "native" packaging system and dpkg.

	Thanks to Tony and Colin I do get the point about PERL. But PERL
was a particularly bad example I chose to demonstrate an issue. Lets try
it with another type of dependancy : every AIX system by default comes
installed with sendmail. Packages that need a mail server should recognize
by reading the ODM that there is a mail server installed. How are the
other debian ports to other OS's handling this type of an issue?


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