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Re: Microsoft SPAM!!! Complain at magazines ;)

Phillip Hofmeister@lists.debian-devel@Fri, 08 Mar 2002 15:49:43 -0500:
>  That's fine, but sewing oversea spammers can be difficult.  In some
>  countries a legal system with real interest in "internet crime/torts" is
>  practically non-existant (I won't name any countries....)
Hmm, probably The Netherlands as well?

I just heard yesterday that the Dutch government has Ben Woldring (most
Dutch people know him) as their 'consultant' about this. Ben Woldring ..
Well.. He knows how MS Frontpage works and he knows how to make lots of
money with it, but I'd be surprised if he knows what's TCP/IP.. :-(

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