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Re: Microsoft SPAM!!! Complain at magazines ;)

On Fri, 2002-03-08 at 15:49, Phillip Hofmeister wrote:
> <snip>
> Scott Henson <shenson2@wvu.edu> wrote:
> Sorry to be the person that rains on everyone's parade.  But, debian has
> never(is that right never?) enforced the policy, so basically it makes
> it null and void.  Debian would have to write a new version of the
> policy, then send that policy out to all the lists saying that this is
> the new policy and if you want to keep using the list you have to agree
> to it.  Then one would have to start enforcing the policies for anyone
> and everyone that sends spam to the lists.  Personally I would recommend
> that debian does this because if debian started enforcing the spam
> policy debian would have a lot more money for development, and people
> would stop spamming the lists, sorry but that is just my opinion.  Feel
> free to flame me if I am wrong on any point.  Peace kid.
> </quote>
> That's fine, but sewing oversea spammers can be difficult.  In some countries a legal system with real interest in "internet crime/torts" is practically non-existant (I won't name any countries....)

The end part was just an opinion.  The main point was the fact we cant
sue anyone because we havent been enforcing the policy.  

-Scott Henson


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