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Re: Preliminary SDL 1.2.3+cvs packages available

On Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 02:29:02PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> > OTOH, the amount of testing that is going into these packages to satisfy
> > Anthony that they do not in fact break anything 
> Please document which games have been tested with the new libsdl on which
> platforms btw. Just a simple list is fine. The aim is to have every arch
> represented, and a good variety of games. Note that none are allowed to
> have been recompiled with the new .debs.

None have been except tuxracer which I rebuilt several times while trying
to test for the rpath lintian warning  Here's my list for i386:

My list of confirmed so far:

  quake2, vlc-sdl, tuxracer, smpeg-xmms, mirrormagic, zsnes, prboom,
  pysol-sound-server, lbreakout2, armagetron, avifile-player, vectoroids,
  heroes-sdl, gltron

  Project Twilight and Neither, my OpenGL/SDL projects which are not in
  Debian yet, also work before and after a recompile new SDL packages.

  egoboo, gtktiemu

Waiting for replies on a few other archs.  Still nobody for Sparc, which
is a concern.

> If you're not bumping the shlibs, you also need to recompile a range
> of games and test them with the old libraries. You should try to avoid
> bumping the shlibs if that's possible.

It's not necessary.

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