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Re: Woody release notes

On Sat, Mar 02, 2002 at 07:53:27PM +0000, Rob Bradford wrote:
> As i'm working on the release notes i have issues that need resolving:
> Preview available at
> http://www.debian.org/releases/woody/i386/release-notes/

	I've taken a quick look at the first chapter and seems pretty
good. I thing I'm missing, however, from previous release notes in some
figures regarding the "What's New in the Distribution" section. More on th
lines of:

"There are XXX new packages, XXX packages have been removed for 
several reasons. New packages include:

- Linux kernels X.X
- Xfree XxX
- Gnome X.X packages
- KDE 2.2 packages

I figure this could be retrieved automatically from the bug database
but I do not have a clue on how has it been done before (maybe
there is some thread on this in the mailing lists previous to last
release or the person who did it could be contacted).

Another method of looking for interesting software which could be
highlighted is looking through the DWN issues since the last release
(editors already did the work of selecting the most interesting
stuff already)

Also I would add a "Report Bugs"  section under chapter 4. Yes,
I know this might be repetitive from what is available at the FAQ
but IMHO it's better to put some general information in this document
even if already available. Also a small note on "How to contribute"
to Debian could be provided there...

Let me suggest the following:

Reporting Bugs

We strive to make Debian GNU/Linux a high quality distribution but that
does not mean that the packages we provide are totally free of bugs.
However, as our service to our users we provide all the information
on reported bugs at bugs.debian.org.

If you find a bug in the distribution or in packaged software that
is part of it, please report it to us so we can properly fix it 
for next releases. Reporting bugs requires a valid email address,
we ask for this so that we can trace bugs and developers
can get in contact with submitters should they need more information.
You can either use some of the programs 
provided in the distribution (bug and reportbug) or send then 
through e-mail directly (you should read the bug reporting document
at /usr/share/doc/debian).

	Best regards and thank you to your hard work I will try to review
the full document.


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