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Woody opinion

since I've just installed woody a few things I've noticed:

I installed it using the net install CD. This CD has yet no ability to choose between kernel 2.2 and 2.4. Which is not so bad, since kernel 2.2 is quite a good choice. It's a good decision to make it the default kernel. But some packages are inconsequent in this point, since they need a 2.4 kernel.

I've noticed this with the alsa modules, which are not available in a 2.2 version. The same problem with cdrecord. The default package has problems recognizing inserted cds on a 2.2 kernel. At least this package tells the user about the wrong version and how to compile the package again (I was surprised how simple this was, apt is cool).

I for myself did a kernel update to 2.4 then. Never had a kernel update (by package) without problems on other systems so far, but this time everything went smooth. Very good packages. Far better then SuSe's or Mandrake's.

In overall Debian is an excellent system. The installation is nothing for newbies since many things have be be setup manually after the installation itself, but it's worth the work. I have now the most stable, fast and complete Linux installation I'had ever on my system! Congratulations to all the volunteers out there.

Best regards,
Philipp Wolfer

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