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Re: Package splitting and upgrades

Previously Santiago Vila wrote:
> When a package `foo' in potato is split in two for woody, `foo' and `bar',
> it is considered acceptable that people upgrading from potato to woody
> lose the functionality provided by `bar' and have to read the release
> notes to know why?

People should just use a proper UI like dselect or probably aptitude
as well so they can handle Recommends and get proper upgrades.

Just using apt-get blindly is a guaranteed way to suddenly loose things
(and if that is not documented it should be).

> Do we need a new dpkg field for this, maybe "Previously-in:", which is
> understood by dselect and apt only on upgrades?

No, we have a perfectly valid system already, people just don't use
it properly.

> I ask this because of a discussion I'm having with the tetex maintainers,
> but also because I'm considering doing a split myself (for gettext).

I sure hope gettext will loose the emacsen-common dependency, I've put
it on hold on all my systems for now.


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