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Re: localepurge vs. dpkg [was: Re: Bug#135564: general: Consistencia de localepurge con eurocastellanizar]

On 25 Feb 2002, Paul Seelig wrote:

> Every further effort should rather be invested in making our, in this
> regard, still lacking package management able to only install certain
> defined portions of a package.  It should be possible to tell dpkg to
> not install e.g. the stuff in "/usr/share/doc/<package>", or certain
> locales only, and so on.
> But this needs people with more knowledge than i have.

I did a dpkg-exclude patch(I think that was for 1.8).  However, Wichert and I
decided to not include that as is, as we wanted something more extendable.

1.11 will probably have this feature, as it will contain a completely
rewritten 'from the ground up' dpkg-deb.

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