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Re: localepurge vs. dpkg [was: Re: Bug#135564: general: Consistencia de localepurge con eurocastellanizar]

On 25 Feb 2002 19:46:45 +0100
Paul Seelig <pseelig@mail.uni-mainz.de> wrote:

> People who use Debian are expected to learn how to use the included
> tools.  People who don't want to learn such stuff should please go out
> and install a newbie oriented Linux dsitribution like Mandrake or
> SuSE.  I definitely think that Debian doesn't have to take over Linux
> world domination because this would mean to succumb to the unwashed
> masses.  No thanks, that's not why i love Debian.
that's not my view of an "Universal Operating System", but you are
the author, I was just suggesting =), let's ask user-euro-es to add
a note warning if it finds localepurge and all is well, don't take
it personally, I'm just trying to be useful


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