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Re: LSB package for Debian: final(?) release candidate

Chris Lawrence wrote:
> FYI: I have a release candidate of the lsb package (version 1.1.0-3)
> available at:
> http://people.debian.org/~lawrencc/

This package contains a number of directories that are already in
base-files. In particular, all the /opt crap. base-files already
includes all that, at least it makes them on new installs. It does not
force you to have them, and if you rmdir them it won't put them back.

Do we need to worry about upgraded-from-potato debian systems that do not
contain /opt and /etc/opt, and lsb packages that rely on these directories
to exist? If people are installing lsb packages by converting them with
alien, the resulting debs will include /opt if the package has files in
/opt and it won't matter whether the system they are installed on has already
been forced to have a /opt already or not. Same with /etc/opt. The only
failure I can envision would be a package that did not include files in
one of these two directories but tried to symlink or copy stuff into them
by hand, if they did not exist.

You cannot just include /usr/local/games in a package; that is a clear
violation of policy. Installing of this package will fail on systems
where /usr/local is not mounted writable.

     Since `/usr/local' can be mounted read-only from a remote server,
     these directories must be created and removed by the `postinst' and
     `prerm' maintainer scripts and not be included in the `.deb' archive.
     These scripts must not fail if either of these operations fail.

Anyway, base-files creates /usr/local/games at the same time it creates the
rest of /usr/local.

(I also don't understand why it contains a /lib directory, but that is

The note about how to install lsb apps on debian should perhaps be a bit 
closer to the top of the file.

see shy jo

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