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Re: Incomplete build depends on binary-all packages

> am concerned about requiring all the of these packages to download a
> total of about 3.5 GB for no substantive change in the packages.

Users of unstable are presumed (incorrectly, perhaps, but that's not
relevant :-) to be using unstable *in order to help debian improve the
next stable release*.  As such, they are also presumed to be doing
downloads as often as they've chosen to, and thus there's no bandwidth
issue - either they're not constrained (true of many of us) or they're
doing what they can.  It's not like there's actually going to be a
"pulse" of uploads in response to those reports...

> of package descriptions.  Are we serving our users' interests when we
> upload packages with trivial changes?  I would like to see some way to

Yes.  "Cosmetic" changes are still quality improvements.  Especially
in package descriptions, which are very much debian's "face".
Besides, *very few packages* have no *other* bugs that can get knocked
off at the same time...  or if they don't, they're probably small
enough that the download issue doesn't matter anyway :-)

			_Mark_ <eichin@thok.org>
			The Herd of Kittens
			Debian Package Maintainer

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