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Incomplete build depends on binary-all packages

     I have received a serious bug report against vera for incomplete
build depends.  This resulted from Junichi Uekawa's project to build
all Debian packages from source.  As Joey Hess commented recently,
this is probably the first time most binary-all packages have been
built on a machine other than the developer's.  I believe I have
several other binary-all packages with the same missing build

     Rebuilding these packages will be trivial, and since, I have
fairly good net access, uploading them will be no problem for me.  I
am concerned about requiring all the of these packages to download a
total of about 3.5 GB for no substantive change in the packages.

     This is a small part of a larger issue.  Many bug reports concern
``cosmetic'' matters, such as typos or spelling errors in documentation
of package descriptions.  Are we serving our users' interests when we
upload packages with trivial changes?  I would like to see some way to
tag a package so that it will be used for a new install of that
package, but not included in a routine apt-get upgrade.  Would this be

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