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Re: cross-compilers

On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Steve Langasek wrote:

> Oh, but I've already automatically disqualified /you/ for failing the 
> 'right mind' criterion. ;)

And rightfully so! :-P

> Certainly.  It seems to me that these issues would need to be sorted out 
> on a per-target basis by whoever opts to maintain those packages.

Definitely.  Either way, I'm not sure if we have a good way to tell which
targets would be good to package for Debian and which should be offered
outside of Debian.  I mean, I think that every platform could make an
argument for a cross-compiler targetted for it from another arch.  My
personal opinion, though, is that we only really need cross-compilers in
Debian that are targetted for embedded targets that we support Debian on 
(and oddballs like AVR and such that has other packages that use it).

I guess I'm concerned that we would end up with a package for just about
every *-linux target from just about every platform that Debian supports
(eg. (powerpc|i386|mips|mipsel|mips64|hppa|sparc|m68k|s390|...)-linux
packages compiled on at least 5 archs...any of which may be used by less
than 50 people total in the end).  In the end, I'm wondering if it's worth
the archive bloat to actually package that many cross-toolchains for a
relatively handful of users.  It may be better to have an unofficial
resting place for such packages....


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