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Re: Protecting user changes in developer scripts handled files

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	Unfortunately, I am one of the recalcitrant people holding up
>  world domination by debconf by not having gone through the process of
>  grokking how debconf works. I am, in my ignorance, slightly unsure if
>  I can make this work with debconf ahead of the mass bug filings
>  promised for this weekend (there should not be a problem asking these
>  questions in the post install phase rather than the preinstall,
>  right?)

No, no problem there. It's even doable, albeit not very well documented
and slightly odd to make a standlone program that uses debconf for all
of its user interaction. Examples of such a program are apt-setup and
tzsetup in base-config. This would probably be something similar.

> 	I will, of course, accept tested patches debconfizing this
>  script (or internationalizing it).

Since I've sadly not even read the script yet, this probably won't be
from me.

see shy jo

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