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Protecting user changes in developer scripts handled files

        There have been some threads about emacs start files, generally
 kept in directories like /etc/x?emacs{,20,21}/site-start.d/. These
 files are shipped in that place in the package itself, since the
 directories they are installed in depend on the flavours/versions of
 emacsen installed on the target machine.

	These start files are installed during the post installation
 configuration phase by the script:
      /usr/lib/emacsen-common/emacs-package-install $package_name.
 This, in turn, calls the script provided by the package, namely: 

	Debian policy states that configuration files, shipped in /etc
 (and this covers /etc/x?emacs{,20,21}/ dirs as well) *must* preserve
 user changes. Unfortunately, a number of packages, including all of
 mine, neglected to do so.

	This is a ``serious'' bug.

	Unwilling to create a narrow solution to this issue, I have
 created a general purpose script that can be used to provide conffile
 like handling that dpkg provides for conffiles for files managed by
 by maintainer scripts.

	The prompts also kinda look the same ;-)

	The script has a man page, emits usage information, can be
 made verbose, we can have copious debugging information if needed. It
 is written in bash.



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Description: Script to provide conffile like handling or files

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Description: manual page for the script

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