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Wish for MU/NMU of "gzip --rsyncable" patch

It seems that the gzip in Debian still does not handle the --rsyncable option.
Does anybody know why? It is proved that the necessary patch works, almost costs
nothing and that an average bandwide decrease of more than 10% is possible.

Why isn't any Debian package packed with --rsyncable? Okay as long as there
isn't an appropriate gzip package, this can't be wished from maintainers.

Why isn't any Debian package built with autobuilders packed with --rsyncable? I
shouldn't be a big problem to patch gzip on the autobuilders systems. Of course
to profit there has to be an appropriate download script.

Why isn't any other Debian file packed with --rsyncable? At least other mirrors
or anybody using these files could profit.

Why isn't _at_least_ Debian Packages.gz and Sources.gz file packed with
--rsyncable? Here the gain is immediately useful for everybody.

Beside why not make --rsyncable the default?

O. Wyss

Author of "Debian partial mirror synch script"

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