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Re: It's Huntin' Season

>>"DGMS" == Davide G M Salvetti <salve@debian.org> writes:

 [auc-tex details]

	I do not really see the relevance of all these details. How is
 all this germane? I add something to /etc/emacs/.../*auctex.el for my
 site. What it is is not anyones business but my own.

 DGMS> As I understand it, I need a place where I can put an autoloaded
 DGMS> "(require 'tex-site)" if the user wants me to do it.  I don't need a
 DGMS> conffile.

	You should read policy really.  You can't make it a conffile
 if you are modifying it in maintainer scripts. And if it is in /etc
 you _must_ preserve user changes. Also, all configuration files need
 to be in /etc. 

	Policy is quite clear here.

 DGMS> However, it might well be possible that I'm overlooking something, so
 DGMS> I'd be grateful if someone helps me to figure more policy correct ways
 DGMS> to achieve the goals stated above.

	Either never change the file once created; or preserve user changes.
 If you never change the file once created, you have nothing to worry
 about. It is only when people are changing files that are already in
 place in /etc do questions arise.

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