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Re: tcptrace - new package ?

On Sun, Feb 03, 2002 at 02:40:41PM -0800, Vikram wrote:

> i have been using the software tcptrace [http://www.tcptrace.org] for
> quite sometime now. having been a regular debian user for 2 years now i
> was surprised that i couldnt find the package in the debian tree. do
> correct me if i am wrong [i also searched debian.org packages]

The second place to search in this situation is the WNPP list

In this case, the relevant bug is:


* #89421: ITP: tcptrace -- analysis tool for tcpdump output
Package: wnpp; Severity: wishlist; Reported by: "Noah L. Meyerhans" <frodo@morgul.net>; 328 days old.

So it has been claimed (328 days ago), but apparently forgotten.

 - mdz

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