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Re: services stopped but not restarted during apt-get dist-upgrade?

On Sun, 3 Feb 2002, Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:

> > AFAIKT, apt-get will set up all packages that were correctly set up
> > until the bug. But you are right, it is messy. Sometimes I have to
> > run apt-get to configure packages a bunch of times just because one
> > package doesn't configure properly. Each run sets up just a few more
> > packages so eventually I end up with only one or two broken ones that
> > don't set
> > up -  the rest is fine...
> >
> > IMO, this would be a whishlist bug against dpkg. But then again, it
> > is the fault of the faulty packages!
> Maybe, it will be better to fill a wishlist bug against apt, that apt-get
> should not stop when dpkg call fails, but instead continue to process
> packages that don't depend (in any way) on the one that caused the failure?

Well, dpkg has the start of a 'daemon' mode(--command-fd, --status-fd).  The
apt author really wants something other than --status-fd, but that will have
to wait until after woody.

Once dpkg supports this, apt can be more sane in it's configure process.
However, apt still can't safely use it,  until the version of dpkg that gets
released with a stable version of debian supports these features.  And that
will take years.

Of course, one could argue that apt should not unpack so many packages in a
single run, and should go back and forth between unpacking N packages, then
configuring N packages.  It currently attempts to unpack all packages, before
running configure.

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