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tcptrace - new package ?


i have been using the software tcptrace [http://www.tcptrace.org] for
quite sometime now. having been a regular debian user for 2 years now i
was surprised that i couldnt find the package in the debian tree. do
correct me if i am wrong [i also searched debian.org packages]

1) i was wondering if i could package it and also thus become a new
maintainer. for starters i have created a deb file [after reading the
docs:)] and i am right now reading through the new maintainer docs.
however first i wanted to know whether anyone is working on this already ?

2) moreover i contacted the upstream and told him that i have a debian
package and might like to include it in the distro. i have not had any
response from him. what exactly is the procedure in that case ?

please dont flame me:) this is my very first post to debian-devel.


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