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Re: Proposal: Why not use testing-proposed-updates?

> Now yes, it's true, you, personally, probably don't use most of those

Or don't use most of these architectures (see my previous request for
a shopping list), or read them and see that *the bug report already
contains a fix* and it's just a matter of waiting for the maintainer
(NMUs don't help):

apache 130696 [claims to be fixed already], 130717 [includes
	patch], 131104 [actually needs a one line change somewhere]
apmd 130129 [68k-only], 131415 [powerpc, but really an NMU issue that
	someone *is* working on in realtime]
cgiemail 129104 [already includes a patch]
craft 114333 [68k-only, fixed anyway]
cvs 131153 [fixed, and some minor NMUer/maintainer bitching] 
	131688 [gee, *I* looked at this one 4 days ago and *supplied*
	a fix, even if it did only show up on m68k]
dmalloc 131222 [fixed] 131871 [hppa]
epic4 125784 [a mere matter of sucking patches from upstream cvs]
g77 129573 [lengthy back and forth, needs m68k]

Hmm, I think I'll stop now, since I've already done this once (5 days
ago) and came to a conclusion supported by the analysis: we *don't*
need more fixes in general -- we need (1) more people with dead
architectures (there weren't any powerpc bugs left, or I'd have used
it as an excuse to get a cheap iBook :-)  but gee, powerpc isn't
dead.  m68k however is -- and only supports amiga, it seems, not the
bobcats or sun3's I have piled up here, oh well.)  (2) we need the
current maintainers to simply package things up, sit down and push all
at once (and how does one "inspire" people to do that?), or have them
offer the packages for adoption... 

I'll leave the rest of the list for now, but you get the idea.
			_Mark_ <eichin@thok.org>
			The Herd of Kittens
			Debian Package Maintainer

gdm 130558
gmc 103102
gnome-admin 128086
gnotepad+ 130477
grip 131686
insight 119720
iproute 131695
kdelibs3 130479
kdenetwork 127869
libpaperg 131335
lyx 131303
ntpdate 117162
radvd 108486, 116038, 116405
rproxy 116746
slocate 128477
snort 131730
squid 129262
sudo 131592
xmms 130196

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