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Re: new Debian FAQs

On Sat, 02 Feb 2002, Rob Bradford wrote:
>> I think it's (way past) time to extend the Debian FAQ with some of
>> that stuff, like Pentium-optimized packages, automated installation,
>> anti-aliasing, etc...
> The Debian FAQoamtic seems to have disappeared, maybe a simpler FAQ
> system should be developed from which we can export in variety of
> formats to go to build up the debian-faq documentation.

+1. The more places/ways that people can find out answers to questions
that they have before they overwhelm volunter debian supporters, the
better. (And the easier it is for them to use/find, the more likely it
is that they'll use it, and find answers to their questions.)

> This would be easy to integrate into the new Debian Planet codebase
> (Zope + MySQL) for those interested. We can then export it to the ddp
> cvs on a regular basis,

Exposing the database via xml or similar, in addition to exporting to
ddp, would be helpful. I know that I can see people using apt in
#debian to find the answers to their questions, amongst other uses.
[Form on d.o, for instance...]

Ideally, people will be able to ask questions both via a website, and
via e-mail (and answer them in the same way.) [And possibly through
other means that I haven't thought off...]

> Let me know and i'll work it into the design.

I would be glad to assist you in helping to develop/design the debian
FAQ system if there are people who are interested in making such a
system work.

Don Armstrong

Always try to do things in chronological order.
It's less confusing that way.


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