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Re: interesting times installing 2.4.17 in Woody...

Jim Gettys wrote:
> o someone, somewhere along the line installed gpm on me: this caused
> various trouble in my X hacking along the way.
> In general, gpm should *NOT* be the default (if you install an X desktop, 
> anyway, which can be used as a signal you aren't likely to want cut and 
> paste on the consoles).  It only makes interactive behavior of the system 
> worse by interposing a user process.

Jim's convinced me that gpm should not be in standard, the benefits of
not having the repeater going are woth it for all the people who want a
desktop, and it's easy enough to install gpm if you need it. Another
task could also continue to pull it in. Anyway, of all the potato
installs (which all lacked gpm by default), I only got three or four
comments from people who would have preferred it install gpm, and the
potential improvement outweighs that.

see shy jo

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