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Re: Relocatable packages

* Gerhard Muntingh <gerhardm@muntingh.tmfweb.nl> [020201 19:26]:
> What are the benefits?
> ----------------------
>  - It allows users to override any configuration, data, binaries in
>    a consistent way.
>  - Users can install anything anywhere they want, and it works.
>  - System-dirs are easily added and removed. (/usr/X11R6 -> /usr)
> [...]
> Please comment, or suggest what the right place is to discuss.

And what are the benefits of the "benefits" given by you? 

Sorry, I just see no reason at all why anything should be anywhere
else than /usr for packages /usr/local for
self-compiled-not-yet-packaged and /opt for crappy commercial

  Bernhard R. Link

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