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Re: Netscape and clicking

On Fri, Feb 01, 2002 at 06:24:51PM +0800, Peter Crystal wrote:
> I want to ask this question and get some input before I even
> consider filling a bug.
> I have a netscape install (from the tarball on the netscape site
> from a while ago). It refuses to let me use plugins with it <shrugs>
> If i install netscape with apt-get, the netscape installs,
> runs, loads the plugins perfectly, BUT: It does not let me click on links.
> I am essentially stuck on the one page.
> Now, has anyone else had said problem, or failing that, any
> X Window gurus have any pointers where I would start debugging
> the problem? (I want a new netscape..)

I don't believe that this might be a package bug. I have been using
Netscape for a while with nothing like this going on..

I would suspect that there might be left over "parts" (libraries, config, etc..)
from the tarball install you did before. Maybe there is a conflict there..

- Adam

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