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Re: interesting times installing 2.4.17 in Woody...

Jim Gettys wrote:
> I'm new to Debian; an old fart in UNIX and X, and using RH and Mandrake
> the last few years...

Hi Jim, we've met breifly before (you won't remember my name), and I
think I've seen you kicking around the compaq play area at linuxworld,
though my memory of your face is not 100%. Anyway, if you are there, I'd
love to chat about Debian sometime tomorrow, you should drop by the
Debian booth.

> So I got the basic install done, and loaded a pile of packages (I'd kept 
> a list of what I'd likely need from my previous install). Modulo the fact 
> that the tasks are broken in tasksel, per previous discussion

I must have missed that discussion. I hope this is being resolved? There
were some issues with tasksel not installing a window manager and xterm but
I fixed this in my last upload.

> o My wireless card didn't work.  Memory on previous 2.4 installs warned
> me about the transition to the ornioco driver, but of course, details
> are not in my cache.  With alot of wandering around, figuring out the
> changes required to /etc/pcmcia/config for the orinoco was solved,
> along with the change needed to get the system to DHCP on the card.
> o The really obscure problem I could not have solved easily without
> Keith Packard's help was the need for the file /etc/default/pcmcia,
> with the line PCIC=yenta_socket.

This is all related to the mess of the pcmcia-cs modules vs the kernel
modules. I don't think we can ship a pcmcia/config that works for both
since they use different names for the orinoco driver (argh!). It's very
hard to try to keep that file synced with whatever kernel the user has
booted at the time, too. Maybe this is fixable by throwing some module
symlinks into one or the other package.

I wasn't aware that the standard debian 2.4 kernel includes the kernel
pcmcia modules; if it does this surely needs to be dealt with since you
have a point about thing being a common upgrade path.

And the yenta_socket thing is just completly undocumented, isn't it? It
suffers from a lot of the same problems as pcmcia/config, and I don't see
an easy way out here. However, perhaps we could make the pcmcia init script
DTRT depending on which pcmcia modules were being used? Any thoughts,

see shy jo

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