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Re: Getting libboost into testing

"Steve M. Robbins" <steven.robbins@videotron.ca> wrote:
> There's no real problem.  What happened is that between 1.21
> (the first debian package) and 1.26 (the second debian package),
> upstream changed their build system from traditional "configure 
> and make" to "jam".

I was just reading about that the other day... got to have been one of
the least impressive ideas I've ever seen.  Everything they need, I think,
can be done with autoconf 2.50 and automake 1.5.  I hesitate to recommend
libtool to any but the most dedicated of maintainers, but the latest CVS
version is coming along very well on the more popular platforms.

> In the process, some of the libraries stopped
> producing shared libs, and the libraries that *do* produce shared
> libs don't have SONAMEs attached to them.

Huh.  I though every (ELF) shared library had a SONAME of some kind.
Guess I have some more reading to do.

> I have raised the issue on the boost mailing list, but they aren't
> impressed by the idea of SONAMES.  If I can't get them to fix the
> build system, I will eventually do it myself and just use the package
> version for the SONAME: the boost developers don't appear to be
> willing to guarantee any compatibility between boost releases.

Not yet, at least.  The idea seems to be cutting-edge development for
libraries, once they've passed the formal review process.  I expect (well,
fervently hope) that they'll pay more attention to back-compat ideas like
SONAME once they start kicking out more stable releases.


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